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Eroscillator 2 Plus

Plug-in mains operated powerful vibrator with three attachments. As each attachment is double sided, that is a total of 6 heads (yes, 6 different sensations!). If you have ever found it difficult to achieve an orgasm, we can assure you it would be very difficult not to orgasm when using this.

The only sensual product ever recommended and sponsored by Dr Ruth K Westheimer, the famous Dr Ruth. She is a celebrity Sexual Therapist and Authority in human sexuality, and says:

I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Despite the fact that in movies and books, women seem to have no problem achieving orgasm (and fantastic, multiple ones at that), the truth is that many women have a great variety of problems when it comes to orgasm.
Some women experience orgasms rarely or never. Most cannot climax simply through intercourse alone but need direct clitoral stimulation. If you are not used to direct way in which I approach this topic, please excuse me, but I am always frank. It's the best way to communicate. On radio or television, I tell women to seek professional help if they are having difficulties reaching orgasm. In my private practice, the advice I give most often to women is that they have to be able to bring themselves to orgasm before they can expect to do so with a partner (of course, if a women has strong personal or religious beliefs against self stimulation, my advice to her is different).
One therapeutic approach that I recommend frequently to women, who would benefit from it, is the use of a vibrator.
A vibrator used during masturbation can almost always give a woman an orgasm. That does not mean that fingers or running water or other methods don't work; only that vibrators are more effective. This is very useful, particularly for those just learning how to masturbate.

Ten Reasons Why You Must Have an Eroscillator 2

1. University tested: Outstandingly better than ordinary vibrators, rapidly providing deep, complete and multiple orgasms.
2. Does not irritate healthy tissues
3. 3 levels of intensity from gentle to intense, to fulfill all needs. 3600 steady oscillations every minute.
4. Constant power. Never wears down when most inconvenient (!) Can be used and re-used at all times, whenever desired.
5. Device & cord 100% safe. No risk of electrical shock (14 volt).
6. The device (not the step-down converter) is washable under running water and is completely waterproof.
7. Dr Ruth Primer on Self Pleasuring is included with every Eroscillator 2.
8. The model is equipped with 2 attachments to give more pleasure to the user.
9. Never gets too hot to handle
10. Streamlined and ultra lightweight for ease of use

OK - we always give you more than you asked for, here are a few more reasons:

11. Virtually noiseless with an attachment AND when in action.
12. New specific and ergonomic shape created by a world renowned Swiss designer, and has been University tested.
13. Full 1-year guarantee

So, what's in the box?

  • Eroscillator
  • Power convertor
  • The Cup & Ball Head
  • The Grapes & Cockscomb Head are included with the Eroscillator 2 plus.

Customers wanting the full package with more heads and sensations - including those for anal and penis use are advised to purchase the Eroscillator Top Deluxe model.


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Review of Eroscillator by Mr Spicy

Tried it at the weekend with my girlfriend and her friend! They both adored it. Came time after time after time after...... Not just for girls who find it hard to climax, everyone should own one.

Review of Eroscillator by Modern Girl

I'm mostly on the 'fans' side but i think a little balance is needed here. True the eroscillator is a great toy and yes i find it plenty powerful for personal clitoral satisfaction. That has been overlooked in the enthusiasm here though are a few down sides to the toy. Don't let these put you off if you are interested in the toy (i did give it a 4* rating) but be aware of them. First thing of note is the toys is not silent as is said/implied. It is quiet when in contact with something but pull it away and it rores a bit. Second the cord is long, too long really as it gets tangled up easily in the draw. Third, the 4 position switch is not that easy to use one handed, especially when it matters. Forth, the attachments may look to be all different but in reality they are very similar in use so there isn't as much variety to the toys as is made out. That all said, i will be using mine later (again).

Review of Eroscillator by Stephanie

Definitely the best thing i have bought myself ever ever. Words are not enough to say how good the eroscillator makes me feel. Effortless, cascading, strong, long, multiple orgasms is about as good as i can put it but it is so much more. Whether for personal time or partner play it is great.

Review of Eroscillator by Travel Rep

I so disagree with the last reviewer that said the eroscillator is a waste of money. I have had two so far. The first was the original model and probably would have still beeing in daily use after 4 or 5 years but for an accident with the dog chewing it! The new one is just as good and i love it and love myself with it daily, sometimes more than once too. It is powerful but not too powerful, it is comfortable and easy to use and it is quiet. Ok there may be women that prefer something stronger like a magic wand or some other back massager thing but unless you are pretty numb the eroscillator is perfect.

Review of Eroscillator by Browsing By

Had to comment after reading the other reviews. I had one of these. It was a waste of money and time. It has a great reputation but it missed the mark with me. I have had more fun out of my electric toothbrush than i got out of the eroscilater. If you need soething strong get an hitachi wand

Review of Eroscillator by Donna

I am so happy with this vibe that unless it breaks i cannot ever see myself buying another toy. I have a draw full of other toys that are now redundant too. Why is the eroscillator so good? Well its well made, well designed, doesn't look kinky, is comfortable to use, has three useable and well set power levels and has attachements that turn the vibration from the motor into just the best sensations i have ever had in my clit. With or without lube it feels great, doesn't make me uncomfortable and runs until i'm finished no matter if this is 5 minutes or 3 hours (and i've done both! )

Review of Eroscillator by Kate

I got mine for christmas and now cannot imagine life without it. It is so so versitile and so so so effective! Its not just a clit toy either. I love it to bits on my clit but its the nicest thing ever on my g spot. I'm seriously considering buying another for double play as i just think it would be unbelievably great. Have to save though as am only a humble student.

Review of Eroscillator by Pauline

A definite 11 out of 10 is deserved here. No more uncerstainty about being able to orgasm alone or with my partner as the eroscillator always sees to my needs.

Review of Eroscillator by Patti

Get one! I have had my eroscillator for two years now and wouldn't have minded paying ten times the purchase price given the fun the thing has given me. Its quiet, reliable, has no problem running for an hour when i feel really greedy and is just perfectly designed for my pleasure. The heads and 3 power levels add variety for solo or partner play and the log mains lead makes it possible to use it almost as freely as a battery vibe. Don't confuse the eroscillator with a novelty vibe, its a real piece of pleasure engineering that does everything it says in the advertising.

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