Jolly Good Giant DongJolly Good Giant Dong
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Heads up for The Jolly Good Giant Dong, a super sized big dildo from TSX Toys.

Whopping sized dildo with a pointed head and no-balls base, the Jolly Good Giant will satisfy the fantasies of those that yearn after the largest dildo you can imagine.

Please review the diagram which accurately shows the measurements of this huge dildo - and only order it if you truly do want a whopper of this size!

The widest diameter of this toy is 12 cm or 4.72 inches, and the overall length is 25 cm, or 9.84 inches.

ManufacturerTSX Toys
Product Code1467
MaterialPVC Rubber 
Phthalate freeYes 
Overall length25 cm / 9.84 inches 
Insertable length23 cm / 9.06 inches 
Diameter12 cm / 4.72 inches 
Weight1.5 Kg
*Please note all measurements are approximate.

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 Wow Its Big
Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Kevin

Wow its big. I don't think i can take this, have to get lots of poppers down me and with loads of lube. Only just get top part of head in, will keep trying until i take head.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Passion Customer

Omg i love this toy i got it a day ago and i tried it last night and omg it's so big for my small ass i was only able to get the tip in my ass bt whoa it felt amazing i love it and trust me if u want ur ass stretche to the limit try this toy it's huge and feels great

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Passion Customer

Tiene una cabeza de 11 y un poquito mas ( 28 cm y mas) , de largo mide 9" 1/2 , y la base la parte de abajo mide 14" 1/2, ok la sensacion es buena pero tampoco es lo maximo, personalmente me gustaria q la cabeza fuera de 11" y un poquito mas pero hasta la base, el final, y bueno no es necesario decir q para poder meterse este dildo ya ha tenido q probar otros q tambien sean bien gruesos, si tu ano no es suficientemente grande , entonces no lo compres, si has probado un dildo de 9" o 10" 1/2 entonces hay muchas posibilidades de q te puedas meter este dildo. Personalmente recomiendo este dildo para personas q tengan experiencia y aparte q vean este dildo mas como un desafio q como placer, por q a la hora q eso entra a tu ano solo una parte de el es ancha y es la parte mas ancha de la cabeza, si quieres ver fotos pidemelas a - lewis_lewis10@hotmail. Com, soy hombre , solo veras mi dildo penetrandome nada mas ok, chau

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Fistinglove

Today i have received a parcel and we with the wife have tried it. It is excellent! The wife in delight, it has absorbed 7 inches. Very much it is pleasant to it, i advise. But not for beginners!!!

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Gape Goddess

I love this giant dong , its incredible. At first it was difficult but with alot of lube and confidence i went as far as 6 inches. I love every inch of it , but not recommended for first time anal lover.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Size Queen Wife

My husband bought this because he said i needed a new challenge. My biggest dildo had a head about 10 inches around, and after a couple of years of regular use, i can take it with ease. Well this bad boy is 11. 5 inches around at the head and it's all the challenge i can handle. I jumped off in pain the first few times my hubby put it in me. He got me good and drunk one night and loosened me up with a long fisting session to stretch my pussy and popped it in. It still hurt, but he got me to take some deep breaths and relax until the pain passed. Then the pleasure kicked in. He started rolling it left and right and i started cumming really hard. It's too big for fast in and out thrusting. Slow and easy with a ton of lube is the only way to go. I've never been so full. This isn't an every day toy for me, but when i want maximum stretching it's great. I can get about six inches deep before it gets too wide again, but i'll keep trying to get a little more in. This is no toy for beginners. I recommend this toy for any woman who's already experienced with huge dildos and wants to go to the next level. I won't be trying anything bigger than this. I'm already a little afraid i might hurt myself with this thing. I have no idea how anyone takes this thing in the ass. That would put me in diapers and probably in the hospital. I never understood the relationship between pain and pleasure before, but i understand it now. It hurts so good.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Deeply Satisfied Customer

Hi there!! Ive been into private anal play for over 10years. And these dildos below are my first i have purchased and used. I purchased the sperm tail butt probe, 9" big split mega dong, homo gigantus and the jolly good giant dong together and oh my god! I cannot put them down! Every few days i get lubed up, start off with the sperm tails tail which is so gentle just to get relaxed and lubed. I push deeper until its wings are in my ass too, then turn it round and push its head in first working it until the whole thing is in me. Very nice feeling! Then i move to 9" big split. This slides in with ease after the sperm tails head and i ride it to the balls. This opens me up deeper. It really smooth and fels great! Then i move onto homo gigantus, with a good push the head 'pops' into my ass! Oh my god i cant describe how satisfying it is!! I thought i was taking it a couple of inches below the head but i videod it and im about 2/3's down the monstrous shaft!!! Which was amazing! Finally i try to take the jolly good dong! Now this is huge. I cant quite get the head in me yet but im determined! I think its just confidence but i will get there eventually!! All in all unbelievable pleasure!!! What a combo!!! I just wish my girlfriend would join in now! Have fun!

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Gapenass

This baby gets all the fun now all my other toys are feeling leftout cuz i use this bad boy all the time it goes in easy and leaves my hungery ass open just the way i like it

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Dildo Luvr

Delivery was super fast! At 1st i thought i didn't like the edge/lip of the head, but after warming it up and working with it for a week or so it's fantastic! The head is great, it's huge, but, oh so nice! And i'm gonna work on getting most of the rest in.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Doublefisting Veronica

I just bought my second jolly good giant dong, now i can fill both my pussy and ass at the same time! That was just what i needed! I love this type of dong.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Like Big Toys

I bought this and the shroom at the same time. Shroom took quite a while to get comfortable with (although i wouldn't be parted from it now) and it took me months before i could handle this mother. This is an awesome toy. The first few times i got it in my anus my eyes damn near popped out. Nice pop on entry - it sort of compresses a little and then expands out. Recommended, but you really should explore your limits carefully before you buy, as i was disappointed with it for a while and it nearly went in the bin.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Passion Customer

Wow very like my anal hole hard open :)

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Krazey Mick

Very big but with a little patience and a lot of lube its very satisfying

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Sheldon R.

A true monster dildo to add to our collection and the base is very wide. Firm and sturdy

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Nsd

One of the best toys i have ever bought, and totally fulfilling.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Vic

Didnt think it would be so big not really useable

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Bob Dobbs

I ordered one of these thinking, okay, i'm ready for something bigger. Well, i wasn't quite ready for this one. The two inch measurement in the diagram is a big misleading -- the actual head of this is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter, so mine is now sitting on the coffee table looking fabulous, but not particularly useful (describes a few people i know). I could loan it to my friend mr. Ed to use on his horsey wife, but i can't imagine too many humans can do anything but use this as an altar piece, or as they say, a conversation starter. Good shock value though if you invite your folks over.

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Big Fred

After a warm up with the megadong, its just great to sit on the jolly good giant - great design, gradual stretch - goes deeper every time, its a must for the serious player

Review of Jolly Good Giant Dong by Ben Woodward

Ooooh it's a bit big - is it not? I must have one of these.

Ask a question about this item

Question:How many inches is this dildo & can you use it for your pussy too?

Answer:This whopping dildo isn't called a giant for nothing! It is almost 10 inches tall and it is 4.7 inches wide at the widest point. Full product specifications of the Jolly Good Giant dildo can be found on the Specifications tab.

If you'd like to order by phone, just quote product number 1467. Our telephone number is 029 2048 9669.

Alternate References: Jolly Good Giant Dong, Giant Dong, Jolly Good Giant Dildo, Jolly Good Giant, Giant Dildo Reviews