Planning for a Sexy Easter Weekend

Planning for a Sexy Easter Weekend

How to have a Sexy Easter

The best holiday of the year, why not have a Sexy Easter. My very favourite time of the year. None of the stresses of Christmas, and the weather is starting to warm.  Spring is here and everything looks better.

The first long weekend of the Spring is gonna be sexy

But the chilly nights still mean you can light the fire and cozy up, leaving perfect opportunities to turn that frisky energy created into something Super Sexy.  And it’s definitely warm enough to wear that seductive dress or gown you’ve been eyeing up all winter, so you are going to look amazing.

If you want to try something different this Easter, Passion has everything to turn your Easter weekend into a melting pot of sauciness and here’s how!

Chocolate without the calories

Lube doesn’t have to be boring.  The Jo Chocolate Delight flavoured lubricant means you can enjoy some Easter chocolate without gaining unwanted lbs. In fact, it will most likely lead to a calorie burning session of naughtiness!  And remember, lube makes everything feel better. It’s great.

Easter Bunnies for grown-ups

Everyone secretly wants an Easter bunny. So why not get a vibrating rabbit sex toy, and turn it into a pleasure trove.  We recommend the Super Rabbit vibrator or if you really want to splash out, the We-Vibe Nova rabbit style vibrator with the phone app, which allows you to control it from anywhere in the world.

Easter Eggs with a Difference

Want to save packaging and get more pleasure from your Easter Egg? Try a remote controlled vibrating egg such as the Oceddo Bibi Vibrating Egg which has a fantastic fun toy you can both take out and about to the restaurant, bar and even shopping centre.

So with these few simple tips from your local friendly sexy shop, it’s really easy to have a super Sexy Easter.