Aqua Slix Lube 250ml Pump Pot

New in, this 250ml pump pot of Aqua Slix Lube offers great value at this price.  Plenty of lube here, safe with all sex toys and will make intimate play much more comfortable and enjoyable.


Aqua Slix Lube 250ml Pump Pot

Introducing Aqua Slix Lube.  This water-based lubricant is safe for use with all sex toys as well as natural rubber latex condoms. It supplements natural lubrication to enhance stimulation. Easily rinsed off once you’re done, Aqua Slix is free from parabens, and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Lubricant makes sex better.  Regardless of whether you think you need it or not, sex feels better with lube!

We love the packaging of this Aqua Slix Lube too. Spill-free and easy to use, it delivers just the amount you want every time.  Easy to keep on the nightstand and to dispense the lubricant into your hand without risking it spilling all over the place.  Buy it today.

Buy it today.


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