Re-energise Your Relationship Book

Re-energise Your Relationship Book is a fantastic resource to getting the most in and out of your relationship.

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How can you recapture those golden moments when your relationship was new and exciting when the thought of just speaking to your lover made your heart pound? Would you both now rather watch the TV than talk, cuddle, or even kiss? And as for sex – is that now reserved for Bank Holidays in leap years? Well, it doesn’t?t need to be like that! With a little bit of effort, and using our practical and inspiring ideas, you can light that fire again!

Sabina Dosani and Peter Cross

What it’s about:
In Re-energise your relationship, Sabina and Peter inspire us to take a look at our relationship and recapture that lost magic. They reveal how to:

  • Say sorry
  • Find time to talk
  • Put the book at bedtime to one side
  • Create quality time for each other
  • Understand why people change
  • Rediscover what turns you and your partner onYou can have a happy, fun and sexy relationship if you want by using Sabina and Peter’s 52 brilliant ideas. The authors D. Sabina Dosani is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the Maudsley Hospital, London. She has training and experience helping adults and young people find solutions to a range of relationship problems. Peter Cross is a writer and journalist on the Daily Telegraph, the Times, the Daily and Sunday Express and the Independent on Sunday.



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