Powerect Cream 48ml

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Intense arousal. Maximum pleasure.  Total confidence. Ultimate Flexibility.

The power is in your hands.

A specially formulated and easy-to-apply topical cream made with natural ingredients.  Designed for all adult men seeking greater sexual performance and enjoyment as well as men requiring extra levels of support in the heat of the moment.

Unlike other male stimulants on the market that are targeted at men’s arousal issues, POWERECT cream is designed for all adult men seeking greater sexual performance and enjoyment.

  • 16-30POWERECT can help people of any age, regardless of whether those ages 16 – 30 suffer from lacklustre sexual performance or not, POWERECT Male Enhancement Cream can spice up your sex life and allows you to last longer. POWERECT also aims to speed up recovery in adult men, no matter how young!
  • 30-45Men often suffer from performance issues as time goes on, make sure that if you are aged between 30-45 you do not suffer in silence. POWERECT offers different products that will allow you to enhance your sexual life, with an enhancement cream and supplementary pills, there are plenty of options for middle-aged men of all shapes and sizes.
  • 45+While many men of all ages will experience some degree of male sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction from time to time, only a very small number actually get help and advice because of the stigma and inconvenience associated with it. Ensure that you’re not one of these men and avoid performance issues that are more likely to occur over the period of a mans life. With a range of products that cover enhancement cream and supplementary pills, there are always options to improve your sexual life.



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