Slube Black Leather

Now you can have a bath in slippery, sexy lubricant with this double pack of Slube Black Leather powder, enough to make for a whole bathtub full!

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Have a slippery fetish to explore?  You can now have a bath in luxurious lube!

Slube is a lubricant which comes in the form of crystals, and in many scents and colours. When added to warm water, the crystals break down, forming an incredibly smooth and sensual lubricant, that is coloured and scented!

You can use Slube for everything from a relaxing bathtub experience, to sexy massages and even as a sexual lubricant.

To use in the bathtub:

Using Slube is easy! Fill up your bathtub, as per the included instructions, sprinkle the Slube crystals over the water and watch as the Slubey sensations begin to form right in front of your eyes!Once you’re done, simply add more water to dilute it and then pull the plug. Then, as your Slube disappears down the drain, wave a tearful goodbye… until next time of course!

Slube coats the skin completely, reducing the need for reapplication and reduces friction between you and your partner. Because of this, it leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Slube Black Leather also holds on to the heat in the water. We have known it to stay warm for up to 2 and a half hours! Plenty of time to play, and no need to keep topping up with warm water.

How to mix Slube, is there a science?

No! Want a thicker consistency? Just add more Slube! Need it to be thinner? Add more water! It’s great to experiment with Slube, and get it exactly how you want it.



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