Supersize Dildos Outselling Everything Else

Supersize Dildos Outselling Everything Else

Supersize Dildos

Supersize dildos sales have surged this week. It’s like they’ve been eating too many McDonalds or something. They are fat. Thick. And very fulfilling.

We have an entire department or category dedicated to Big Dildos here on our website.

Why Massive Dildos?

I mean, when I look at them I think, surely no-one can actually cram that in?  But they can, because sometimes customers send us a video. ?

And sales say that our customers love these monster cocks.  Just this week alone, they have outsold butt plugs, rabbit vibrators and even strap-ons.  We have a good selection of these outrageous sex toys luckily, so plenty for our greedy customers to choose from. ?

Our Top Five Best Selling Big Dildos

First in the sales chart is the massive Trojan Horse dildo.  One of our largest models, this whopper it has to be sent out in a big box by courier, simply due to its weight. All 3kg of it.

Secondly, we have the Mr Ed Horse Penis Dildo.  Mr Ed has always been a great seller, but this week has outdone itself.

Third in the sales rank from this Supersize sales week is actually a penis extender.  An enormous penis extender though, and eye watering.  The penis extender is called The A-Bomb extender and it’s so fat, I wonder who the hell can accommodate it.

Our fourth huge dildo is the Jolly Good Giant. This is an oldie (but goodie) for us as we’ve sold it for over ten years. This one hasn’t been on our best-selling sex toys list before though, until this week when sales just soared.  I am baffled as to why.  It looks like it needs to go on a diet.

Following very close behind the Jolly Good Giant, in fact just selling 3 units less, was the 3 Bangs for Your Butt dildo. Just click the link if you want to check it out. It’s massive.

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Big Dildos